Feature – Medial Cortex

Albeit a bit out of 54-46’s usual catchment area for artists….

We got in touch with  Chris Santos A.K.A: Medial Cortex from way over in Portland, Oregon.

You can catch his excellent EP Brainstem Here: https://medialcortex.bandcamp.com/releases

A mix of cerebral lyricism, inventive rhymes and wit – Don’t Miss it.



Interview below…….



Tell us about your journey in music.. 

Well I started out writing poetry as a younger kid and then I was huge into metal and punk for most my life. I still listen to it daily but one day I put my poetry to a beat and realized that I had some natural talent, so I ran with that and now I am talking to you!



Which artists inspire you?

Wow, so many to list but Eyedea is where it all started I admired his flow and vocabulary and message so much. Aesop rock got me with his complex word play and atmosphere’s heart in slugs words really drove me, I studied music appreciation for 3 years back in school and learned loads of history about most genres so ive taken quite a bit from the history of hiphop to throw into my own jams.


Outside of music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am a chair lift operator at a ski resort so i ride year round and I feel my inspiration comes from the free feeling of skiing and boarding on the hill, skating and biking as well, they are sports I learned that you had to have the drive yourself to improve. I use that concept in my music every song I write I want to one- up myself to prove that I can always do better. It’s the competitive side of me that takes over sometimes.


Any future releases in the pipeline?

Yes sir, I have a few secret releases that ill be releasing on my facebook! So follow me to be sure to catch those, but I also have a few music videos, collaborations, and my 2015 album Mind over Matter



How would you best describe your music?

I describe it as a breath of fresh air in hip hop, I have an extremely unique flow that keeps you wanting to hear more, I take simple concept songs and can create them with superb lyrical content yet keeping it relatable to the everyday listener, you will not hear anyone like me, I strive to stand out from the pack.



You recently released an E.P. The Brainstem, How was the process of making it? 

It was my first E.P ive ever came out with and I cant lie it was a struggle to get it all organized, I had only been into rapping for about a year so most would consider me novice in the game, but my lyrics speak leagues of depth that most love. I received great feedback on how I could improve and my new work definitely defines that I feel I have become a completely different mc with my finesse and precision on the mic. The ep was an adventure to produce I had a great time doing it and it was a good learning process. Now i’m breaking into the professionalism of music.



Your top 5 all time records… 

I would have to say daylight/nightlight by Aesop rock, The entire Eyedea discography, atmospheres overcast album, nas ny state of mind, and loads of deltron 3030.



Favourite bands of 2014?

2014 had some great artists come out! Id have to say Dem atlas has been killing it, Locksmith is getting up there as well, and tons of underground folks that I network with.



What is the best gig you have done so far?

I have actually yet to play! I am now ready to start performing though so any venues in the northwest get at me! Im ready to play.


Any plans to tour?

I had been offered to get on a couple tours across the u.s. and London with Pledge empire, and g.a.s.h. records but was not completely established as an artist and felt I would of not had a good set list established I look forward to getting out there though!


Favourite lyricist?

Michael eyedea Larson hands down his music spoke fathoms to me! He is one of the main reasons I started writing music to help others in need.





Gig Review: The Wytches @Dim Swn Festival, Cardiff


Guest Writer Bryony Adams caught The Wytches at the rebranding of Swn Festival… here’s what she saw…

DimSwn may have been scaled down in size this year to a single day’s worth of musical acts but it certainly still delivered the same magnitude of excellence it does year after year.

Previously a four day festival of music across various Cardiff venues,  over 200 acts performed last year during the four-day-fiesta of music during Swn Festival, orchestrated by radio One DJ Huw Stephens and Promoter Jon Roston.

The festival has been streamlined now to become DimSwn, and as disappointed as the loyal band of Swn followers were to hear the news of a bite size addition of their favourite festival, the rebranded and newly formatted night went on with the same sense of excitement and Rock’N’Roll as it always does.

Amidst the plethora of acts that graced the streets of Cardiff on the debut of the new DimSwn was the three-piece band from Brighton, The Wytches. Making a very strong claim for the revival of psychedelic surf rock and blues the three gloomy, longhaired boys from Brighton mustered up some definite noise upstairs in Clwb Ifor Bach.

Their debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ is described as a ‘Break up album’ by front man and songwriter Kristian Bell – while its not your quintessential soundtrack to heartbreak it seeps emotion and passion from every pore with a shambolic mix of bleeding guitar and thrashing drums cloaked with a certain menace which you could definitely get on board with during a period of heartache.

Their performance high above Womanby Street, Cardiff was a frenzied and loud affair, something that the trio did well to pull off in such a small venue, which perhaps did not cater fully to their specific sound. Although their psychedelic prowess filled Clwb with nostalgia for the psychedelic it was difficult to decipher each track as they ripped their way through their non existent setlist leaking from one musical piece into the next in an almost operatic style bringing an unfamiliar feeling to the crowd. This unusual style of performance, although unconventional, did not deter from the fantastic racket the three talented Brighton boys unveiled on stage, which contributed to the arrival of DimSwn.

Bryony Adams

You Can Listen to ‘Anabel Dream Reader’ here: