Interview: Omsic Record Label

54-46 caught up with the fledgling London-Based  Omsic record label earlier this week to discuss their innovative new ideas for the music industry,  signing musicians based on talent rather than marketability. A Strong statement in an era dominated by Cowells & multimillion pound record companies…. 



Tell me about the crowd funding campaign you have just launched and its purpose?

We haven’t launched the campaign yet but we will in a couple weeks. Music industry is not cheap, we need to hire professionals, rent a studio, buy right equipment, pay distributors… That’s a lot of money and we can’t afford that, that’s why we’re seeking for help. We’re offering amazing prizes for those who help : special memberships in our website or even being the first one to be signed. 


Describe your musical journey thus far? 

I’ve been singing and playing for years plus I’ve worked as a songwriter for the last months.


Can you outline what you are trying to achieve with this project?

It may be seen as an ambitious project for a young musician, but I want to make a revolution in the music industry. I want to create a music label where musicians  feel free to develop their talent and be themselves without being judged. I believe talent is the key of success, neither the appearance or the style.


What is wrong with current way in which artists are signed?

Big music label are always willing to make money, that’s why they’re only signing both artists with a huge fan base on the internet or good-looking artists with no talent but singing autotune. This is very disheartening for young artists, because if you do not have the money to get a good promo or your style doesn’t suit stereotypes, you will never be signed by a major label.


What are you looking to change with this project?

I want to destroy stereotypes. I want real music back and change the whole music industry. I really want to prove that music labels are wrong, I’m sure kids would rather listening to good music instead those auto-tuned artists, we have to show them what real music sounds like.


What inspired you to create this project? It’s a very noble idea… 

I’ve met plenty of good artists that will never have a chance in this industry because of the canons. It really breaks my heart, everyone should be able to do what they love and get recognition. They deserve that.


Has the rise of social media & online band activity been detrimental or beneficial to musicians?

Definitely beneficial. Internet and the media makes things a lot easier for them. Many artists have become well-known thanks to the media. It is also a good way to interact with fans. Fans need to feel loved by their idols.


The current strap line of you website is ‘we believe in talent, not stereotypes’ – can you elaborate on why you chose this?

Since I was kid I was told that only good-looking people succeed in the entertainment world. I really believe in talent, a good-looking person will make more money at first but in the end of the day, what will remain is their music. I can assure that I will sign talented people, it doesn’t matter how pretty or thin they’re.


The project sounds a lot like what Tony Wilson tried to achieve with Factory. Do you see him as an inspiration?

Tony Wilson did a great job, although his career is inspiring, the Factory didn’t influence our decision to found the label.


Any current bands that you are  looking to sign?

I must confess that I love listening to indie bands on Youtube and would love to sign some of them, but we have a lot of work to do before we’re ready to sign!


In ten years time, what is the ideal situation for Omsic?

In an ideal situation, Omsic would be as big as Sony or Warner. We can do this if we have the support of the crowd.