Interview: Third Party

If you haven’t heard this band. Go and listen right now.  Gruff Russell-Jones driving vocals bear a striking resemblance to The Teardrop Explodes’ Julian Cope, surely an excellent comparison. The band are stylish, cool and and having caught them at OxJam earlier this month, provide a cracking live performance. Combining elements of mod, ska and punk this band are well worth  your time.  Catch them here:




We had a brief chat about their sound, THE DUDE and current projects… 

For those who are yet to be converted… how would you best describe your sound?

A truly modern clash of post-punk, garage, R&B, psyche-abilly (sic.) and ska.

Either this or dad/pub-rock.

It’s good time music basically with the odd scattering of lyrical content.


How would you chart your musical journey so far to where you are now…

It’s been one thing after another really, the joy of the journey being all it takes for us to stay at it.

“To be born Welsh is to be born with music in your blood and poetry in your soul” and a never say ‘Dai’ (it’s welsh for Dave) attitude, apparently.


What is the band currently working on?

We’ve just released a video for new single ‘Reasons to be Idle’, we’ve a video to go with it which we are promoting and getting out there in whatever ways we can…

We’ve always got shows to be looking forward to and always in constant search of the ‘new sound’.

I’d love a new ‘set’ every night but they tell me it’s not possible…still working on that though of course…

Along with this quest we’ve also got a christmas jingle entitled:

‘It’s Always Christmas’ which we’re about to rip it out of in the name of seasonal cheer.


How would you rate the current health of the South Wales Music scene?

There is loads to be proud of for certain.

From my own biased view from Cardiff i’d say:

We’ve got Womanby St. which on a good night is the absolute best of pure musical thriving.

There are loads of good acts out there and we’d love to see Womanby full of it every night of the week.

A couple of venues take much of the strain in terms of supporting the grass roots.

We could do with a couple more platforms for our local artists in aid of healthy competition.

More spaces to facilitate our work together locally to take what we do beyond.

Cardiff & Wales deserve to be on the map as much as anywhere.

We are getting there.


Is there anything you would do to improve it?

We need more management, labels, pushers, seedy though influential hangers on etc./whoever/whatever…

In short a wider network of support.

There’s a good deal of talent around that needs to break out into the wider audience

I never thought I’d say it but we need more of an industry to really keep this thing afloat so we can all take off at the same time and in the right direction. 


Who do you draw inspiration from musically?

Without our dads or the pub this would never have been dad/pub rock.

John Peel (more than we realise), Mark E Smith, any musical ‘Gruff’, Ian Dury, Aretha Franklin, Muddy Waters, Dr Feelgood, PJ Harvey, Lou Reed, Ludvig Van and Johnny Cash.


And outside of music, who inspires you?

Any artist of any medium who is self-sufficient and gets whatever it is done however they can.

People in and around who are making things happen in spite of the odds, regardless of gain personal,

financial or otherwise.  Also the holy trinity of Tommy Cooper, Eric Blair and ‘The Dude’ off Lebowski.


Best gig you’ve played? 

The best and the worst was the last one at The Bird’s Nest, Deptford.

After playing a fine show with new band ‘Rustling Bones’, onstage with ‘Third Party’ I broke a guitar string.

And although i’d brought a back-up guitar like a pro, the guitar played like a tramp.

We had to make a sort of gonzo-performance-art-spectacle out of essentially only half-decent music and still pull off a good musically-based show. The crowd went wild, in a way.


If you could add to your band any musician of any instrument… who would it be?

I wish I could play everything all of the time.


Favourite venue?

It has got to be the one we play (and that one that will have us play) most often. It’s the Moon Club, it’s home, where else?


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