54-46 Recommends – W A Y U L S

Please introduce us to the band..
We’re WAYULS, from Wayuls. Pleasure to meet you.
We are: Tom (Producer, Bass, Synth), Rich (Vocals), Aaron (Guitar), Zach (Percussion, Synth &
Electronics) & Cannonball on drums.

For those who are yet to be converted… how would you best describe your sound?

We usually just say it’s Wonky Pop with Arabic melodies. Basically we sound nothing like Neutral
Milk Hotel and embrace all things digital.
How would you chart your musical journey so far to where you are now..

It started off with just Tom creating tracks, manipulating his voice to sound like an oriental girl and
bashing out a solo one. Then the rest of us joined to take his creations to the live setting, and have
worked as a five piece ever since. We see the project encompassing all art forms not just music, so
the visual and conceptual aesthetics of what we do are important, as well as providing an artistic
platform to collaborate with friends.
What is the band currently working on?
More music. We are constantly recording, and have a bunch of songs at the mixing stage, although
we are undecided how we will present the new stuff to the world. Saying that, the tracks mostly
form two separate conceptual EP’s, so look forward to them in the new year.
We are also working on our live visuals and a new music video for a single featuring Winford
Bydes from Palomino Party.

How would you rate the current health of the South Wales Music scene?
Very poorly (pun intended). Don’t get us wrong there are one or two fantastic bands emerging and a
few acts we love, but the wrong acts are getting pushed. We pop out to see bands and usually find
middle of the road acts playing to a poor turnout, the gig goers aren’t really given something to dig
their teeth into. We look up to acts like Islet with their emphasis on performance & really creating
an “event”, more people should take a leaf out of their book.

You have a very unique sound… who do you draw inspiration from musically?
Nik Kershaw, Japan & 90s pop music. Although our sound comes out of the melting pot without
any true intention to reflect that of our influences.

And outside of music, who inspires you?
Aaron O’Conner (he scores when he wants). The rest of Newport County FC & also Jim Bowen
from bullseye.


Any current plans to tour?
Yea, 2015 will be a big year for us. Keep your eyes peeled & mouth dribbling.
What does the band get up to after hours?
We run our clothing company “Tuesday Ltd”.  In the evenings we drink Buckfast, and hang around
our mansion. In the basement we have made a private club called “Club Winky Wonk,” there’s
usually a UV paint party every night. Oh and we are also Medical Students.
Best gig you’ve played?
Despite some huge ones, we’d choose our first gig. We sold out Moon Club in Cardiff and only
played 3 songs over a 25 minute set, that night had a tremendous buzz about it.
What would success be for WAYULS?

We’ve been on BBC Radio Wales & been featured on Wales Online, and are pretty content with
the support from local media. A feature on something national like The One Show would be nice.
Rich really wants to tell Matt Baker about his experiences in sheepdog trials and Sub/Doming.


Get on it.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/w-a-y-u-l-s

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WAYULSWAYULS


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