Interview: Clones of Clones

Today’s interview sees 54-46 talk to Washington DC indie rock band Clones of Clones. Channelling Black Rebel Motorcyle Club and Stone Roses, Clones of Clones have just released a brilliant 3 track EP called I Don’t Need Your Love, with a full length album to follow in early 2015.


Writing compelling, emotionally driven tunes the band complements the pathos in their lyricism with the emotionally imbued ambience of their music.


We had a chat with the band to talk about their new single, plans for future recordings and what success would mean to the band.. .




Tell us a bit about the band’s origins to where they are currently at. 

We’re relatively new… from Washington DC and just touring around the region in the US.


You have just released “I don’t need your love” single – which marks a departure in sound from Neighbourhood EP. What have you changed since your last release?

Most importantly, we got a new guitarist (Todd).  Otherwise, we have all grown up a little bit and gotten a little more comfortable with who we are individually and as a band.  That maturity comes through in the music; the newer material is more genuine and relatable.


Was the process of making it enjoyable?

Absolutely.  We recorded at a place called the Fidelitorium in North Carolina.  During the recording, the band lived at a house on the studio property so we were able to totally immerse ourselves in the creative experience.  We were able to forget about everything else in life for a time and just focus on the music.




Who would you site as your biggest musical influences?

The Pixies, alt-J, Minus the Bear, Modest Mouse, and many, many, many more


Can you tell us a bit about the Local Scene in Washington DC? Is it in full flourish or decline?

I’m going to be a DC music nerd for a minute… we had a really great music scene in the 70s and 80s (before my time) with the emergence of punk (Bad Brains, Minor Threat) and gogo.  Recently, I have been less impressed by the music scene.  But the past few years have shown a tremendous flourishing of Do It Yourself (DIY) venues popping up all over the city. These are shows being hosted in peoples’ basements with some of the biggest DC area bands.  It’s a pretty amazing experience.


Are you recording at the moment? 

Just finished and planning to release a full album early 2015.


Outside of music, what makes you tick? 

The four of us are totally different outside of the band – one of us is an avid rock climber, one of us is an architect, one is an engineer, and the other is a salesman.


What would success be for Clones of Clones?

We’d love to make a living playing music.  Currently, we need to work other jobs to keep food on the table.


Any plans to tour currently? 

Currently just playing shows regionally.  We’d love to go on a bigger tour if we can get enough gas in the van.


What’s the best gig you have ever done. 

Opening for the Sam Roberts Band here in DC.  Packed one of the biggest venues in DC and it was a tremendous show.  Despite Sam Roberts’ great success, the band were really down to earth.


Your favourite venue?

Probably 9:30 club here in DC.


What is the plan for the near future

We’re planning shows and promotions for the current EP and eventually for the full album next year.



For everything Clones Of Clones, Visit:


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