Cardiff OxJam

54-46 spoke to Sian WaldenOxjam Cardiff Takeover Manager about one of the most exciting live music and arts events hitting the capital this year. Having featured the Cradles and Totem Terrors previously, we asked Sian who we should look out for at this years event.


Can you tell us a bit about the cause OxJam is hoping to raise money for this year?

Part of the beauty of Oxjam is that the funds raised will go to Oxfam who direct them where they are best used at that time. When we began working together many of the most prevalent issues we’re aware of today hadn’t happened yet, so it’s great that Oxfam, an incredibly practiced charity makes best use of them when we pay the money in.

Is there anyway we can get involved to help?

Absolutely ! We want to include everyone. We’re looking for volunteer event staff for the day, with a variety of roles on offer. All volunteers will be receiving a wristband so they will be able to get along & see the music and enjoy the wristband benefits when they aren’t helping out. The best thing is to get in touch with Marcia who is coordinating the volunteers:

54-46 has featured interviews with two great bands featured on the setlist at OxJam this year. (The Cradles and Totem Terrors)  Who else should we look out for?

Estrons, Calvary, Baby Queens, Junior Bill & the Scallies, Echo & the Always. These are all standout acts and were clear cut choices when it came to choosing the line up.

The event is a mixture of Arts & Music – Can you tell us a bit about the Fringe stage at the Urban Tap House?

In addition to it’s thriving music scene, Cardiff also prides itself on the variety of other arts it has to offer. The fringe stage will showcase a wide range of amazing work, from short films to performance poetry and stand-up comedians, featuring well-known individuals such as Mab Jones to emerging artists and students. There’s also an opportunity to get creative yourself with a writing workshop!

What venues will you be using? 

We’ve centralised ourselves around the popular music strip of Wonamby Street, making it easy for wristband holders to move between stages throughout the day making the most of line up. Clwb Ifor Bach, The Moon Club, Full Moon, Undertone & Four Bars will all host stages, with Clwb Ifor Bach & The Moon Club being accessible for 14+ ticket holders. CFQ will be the wristband exchange point from 12-8, with it then moving to The Full Moon. There is also a number of businesses on board offering wristband discounts for the day – Pieminister, The Grazing Shed, Science Cream, Urban Tap House and The Full Moon at the after party.

The stages are divided into raising awareness to different causes. Can you tell us a bit about the different causes? 

Lift Lives For Good

Oxfam focuses on sustainable growth in areas of the world where there is a need for change. By creating long-term solutions by giving money to causes that can grow infrastructure, provide education or simply by having clean water, Oxfam is a charity that provides a real significant difference to people for the rest of their lives.

Make Trade Fair

Oxfam has worked for many years and has been very successful in bringing about Fair Trade products and plans that give more to those who grow crops and resources around the world. Fair trade means a fair and better deal for those who work hard for what we take for granted

Make Poverty History

Poverty is still a major issue all around the world, from war-stricken countries to right here in the UK. Make Poverty History is not a fad campaign, it is a continuing endeavour to relieve countries and its people of crippling debt and terrible conditions.

Crisis Appeals

The headlines are more and more shocking every year, but Oxfam is there to help. From conflicts to disease control to disasters all around the world, Oxfam is on the front line in aid and support. Ebola, Gaza, Syria… all headlines, all being in Oxfam’s remit.

Control Arms

The arms trade is terrifying. Thousands of guns and bullets are made every day, and thousands of people die from their use. Oxfam is fighting for the regulation of arms trading and a cap on military spending and export.

Even It Up

Inequality is a hot topic right now and Oxfam is a vessel for change, asking why there is so much of it in the world. Tackling unfair privileges and corruption which divide rich and the poor in so many countries, Oxfam is also a lobbying force to change the nature of how the world is run.


Where can we get tickets?

There are direct links from our website or you can search Oxjam Cardiff Takeover on wegottickets or they will be available on the day for a slightly higher price.

What OxJam events have been previously been held in Cardiff?

We have been holding events all throughout the year in an effort to raise funds and help us put on the Takeover – we’ve host music quizzes, cocktail nights, a community event, put on a few gigs, sold cakes & popcorn! We began our fundraising in June when the team participated in Live Below the Line challenge, raising over £900! Prior to that Cardiff has proudly been involved in the Takeover festival format since it began in 2009.

More information is available here:


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