Band Feature: Ghosts As Alibis

Today’s features band are post-hardcore band Ghosts as Alibis. They have just released a mini EP ‘Where the Desert Meets the Mountain’, available here:

Conjuring one of the best descriptions i’ve ever read – ‘Purveyors of avant-garde post-hardcore death-pop’ this band are riotous, loud and aggressive, and have followed up strongly from their ‘gargantuan and cinematic’ debut, ‘The Fine Line Between Coincidence and Fate’.

Where the Desert Meets the Mountain   received airplay on Showcase Wales and Nation Radio and  the title track was featured on WalesOnline’s ‘Best New Music in Wales’ playlist. Uber Rock has described them as: ‘Ghosts As Alibis are a corporeal entity of monstrous riffs that will make you shake in your shoes, they are here to lull you into a sense of false security before rearranging the decor of your house with a cannon. With influences ranging from the Deftones, Glassjaw, Will Haven, Mastodon and Bossk this Welsh 4 piece beat combo are traversing the sandy dunes on their new offering.’


Ghosts as Alibis next gig is at is Ebbw Vale Institute on Friday 20th February.




54 – 46 caught up with the band to talk about their new record….. camping in a cottage in rural Wales to create it (Ed – the plot-line to Lenny Abrahamson‘s Frank?) and talking the meaning behind their name


Please may you introduce the band to our readers…

We are Ghosts As Alibis, a four-piece band from Cardiff comprised of Dan (vocals), Pete (drums,

programming), Julian (bass) and Ben (guitar).


Ghosts As Alibis is quite a title. Can you explain the thinking behind the name?

Our songs chronicle the journey of a nameless protagonist and his saga of loss, solitude and mortality.

Along the way, he meets a series of deceased characters that have witnessed events in history and

shape the path of our protagonist’s journey. These are the Ghosts As Alibis.


How would you best describe your music?

That’s always a tough one – it can be heavy and noisy but also quiet and pretty. We’re always trying to

push the boundaries of what we can do, and keep the music as dynamic as possible, with lots of layers

and textures.


Tell us about the band’s musical journey so far..

We started the band in the autumn of 2012 and recorded a three-track EP called ‘The Fine Line Between

Coincidence and Fate.’ Our first gig was in Cardiff’s Undertone supporting Rolo Tomassi. We kept gigging

and writing, and in January 2014 we recorded our mini-album ‘Where The Desert Meets The Mountain,’

which we released this summer. In between records we’ve been gigging around South Wales and Bristol

with bands like Calling Apollo and This Is Wreckage.


You have just released Where the Desert Meets the Mountain… How was the process of making it?


It was ace. We hid ourselves away in a little cottage in deepest, darkest Wales for a week and recorded

it there ourselves. It was really isolated – no TV, no internet, no phone signal – so we could really

immerse ourselves in the music we were making. At night there’d be no lights for miles and the wind

was howling and we had to go out into a barn to chop wood for the fire; it was like being in a horror

film, and I think that atmosphere and environment became a real influence on the sound of the record.


How would you describe the current health of the South Wales music scene?

There are a lot of bands around, but it’s tough with venues and promoters shutting up shop. We’re far

from experts on the matter though, because we don’t really feel like we’ve found a place in the South

Wales scene yet.


Is it easy for talented artists to break though?

We’ll let you know if we ever do.


Who has influenced your music the most?

Deftones, Glassjaw, The Mars Volta, Oceansize, Reuben, Cult of Luna, Million Dead, Will Haven, Thrice,



Favourite Venue?

We’ve always had fun playing at Le Pub in Newport, and it was great to launch our new record with a gig

at Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach.


Favourite bands of 2014?

We’ve been listening a lot to the new album from The Contortionist; we like a bit of Royal Blood and

Pulled Apart By Horses. I’ve been really impressed with Marmozets this year, and Julian’s favourite of

2014 is Young Fathers.


What is the best gig you have ever done?

The launch show we did for ‘Where The Desert Meets The Mountain’ was really special because it felt

like a celebration of all the blood and sweat we’d put into the record during the preceding year. And our

very talented friend Abby joined us onstage to sing and play piano on the title track.


Catch Ghosts as Alibis here:





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